Back to Back Runs is an ultramarathon running and training website, dedicated to helping runners improve their craft. The site focuses primarily on training and racing those longer distances, and the craziness of ultra running as a sport. Nutrition advice, injury rehab and general running advice are also focuses of the site.

The site leader – Rhys Desmond, has been running competitively since 2009, and boasts the following PB’s:

5K: 16:40
10K: 34:20
Half Marathon: 1:17:30

Quotes to live by…

Starting points are important, because we often end up close to where we started.

Whether you can or you can’t, you’re right.

Harrison Ford

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Mae West

After an initial running career of cross country championships across the country and half marathon victories in London, ON, Rhys details his ultra running journey as it’s happening. Rhys currently has the goal of establishing several FKT’s around the beautiful trails of Ontario, and winning an ultra before 2024 – pending injury set-backs! To get in contact or join the community, simply see the links below!

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High ambition, high caution: my new running motto

As I enter a new phase in my running career and take on a cautious approach to dedicated training, I find myself balancing the line between all of these crazy ambitions I have within my running career, and accomplishing those ambitions in the most cautious ways possible.

Around the Bay & the quest for intentional training

Since March has rolled in, it’s been all the more imperative me to slightly adapt my approach to what’s coming at the end of March – Around the Bay 30k. Around the Bay is one of Canada’s most famous races, and is often stacked with a deep field of runners from a variety of categories…

My best mistake was plantar fasciitis

As much as the past three months have been somewhat brutal from both a physical and mental perspective (I even thought I’d have to retire at one point!), plantar fasciitis has been one of the greatest learning experiences I could have asked for in my running journey. I now feel like I’m setting myself up…

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