Why you need a therapist

Last year, at the lowest point in my life, I finally took the leap to do something that I should have done long ago, and seek out therapy. I had often shied away from therapy out of fear of the price, the time, and whether or not things were truly “bad enough” to “need therapy.” I even told myself that running was my therapist, and that I had all the time in the world to reflect on my thoughts during those long lonely runs.

From having now found a great therapist who works well with my personality, I can say with absolute certainty that I would likely have made better decisions throughout my early 20s, and been happier with my life, had I started this process earlier. I would have likely had a better sense of purpose of where I wanted my life to go, friendships that were valuable to me versus ones that I was better off letting go, and a truer understanding of how to be authentically me.

My therapist has helped me to leave my job in the right way, at the right time, and with new avenues lined up for moving forward.

Had I not received therapy on a fateful, incredibly opportune therapy night in late November, I would have likely left my job at the complete wrong time. If I had done that, I wouldn’t have met amazing friends, or strengthened the pre-existing friendships that hadn’t even begun to brew.

If I hadn’t received therapy on a fateful night in early January, I genuinely might have turned down one of the greatest opportunities of my life to this point. I might even still be stuck in a woe is me mindset, unable to see the bigger picture of my life. I definitely wouldn’t have a clear pathway of where I want to go in life and what I want to do, had I not started therapy last September.

The best ones simply seem know what buttons to push when. They know what to say at the right moments to get the best out of their clients, and I think this is an essential reason why everyone needs to have a therapist in their life.

They help you to not only keep yourself in check regarding what’s happening in the moment, but allow you to see the greater picture. I’ve had a clearer vision toward focusing on the vast variety of different pillars in my life since starting therapy, ensuring that I’m not neglecting any one specific area as I focus my energies and attentions on work.

When speaking about who a therapist is to you, I also think it’s valuable that this is a person in your life that is completely objective. When we speak of our problems or self-doubts to friends or romantic partners, they often want to ensure they say the right thing so that you will like them more, or continue to like them, or continue to see them as worthwhile in your life. Within reason, a therapist does not care how you perceive them. More importantly, they’re not afraid to tell you the hard messages that you may need to hear.

It’s essential to test out different options with free consultation calls in finding a therapist/psychologist/counsellour/life coach, etc. that works well for you and your personality. Once you’ve found your fit, you won’t regret having therapy in your life. All of those doubts about time, money and whether or not you truly need therapy will disappear, as you continue to see your therapist even after seeing improvements in your mental health and even after “feeling good” about your life.

Running is most certainly therapeutic and wonderful, but it is no longer the only form of therapy for me. So if you want better balance in your life, I cannot recommend therapy enough.

Beyond therapy, if you also want to take the leap and refine your training plan, racing strategies, or injury prevention, reach out to see if coaching is a good fit for you!

Thanks for reading & see you soon!

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One response to “Why you need a therapist”

  1. Great blog post! At the end of the day, we all need a therapist, whether we call him/her a therapist or not. We need someone that can help us follow the right path for us. Glad to read a happy continuation, and hope you’re thriving now!


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