Tips for establishing yourself in new environments…

This week, I started a new job in a brand new city. I was instantly blown away by the positive work culture of the organization, and how quickly I belonged. But I also impressed myself with how quickly I was able to feel comfortable with my co-workers, and how I was able to be assertive in establishing myself as a person of importance within the first week. So today, I bring you some tips that will help you instantly establish yourself in new environments, and help you feel confident in being assertive right away.


While this may be an overly simplistic place to start this article, confidence is the key to success. If you are someone who lacks confidence in yourself, simply remind yourself that you were chosen to be part of this new environment for a reason, and that you are awesome for a multitude of different reasons (you know what they are!). Remember the experiences that you’ve had that will help you achieve success, and build off of those right from the very first minute. Believe that you can achieve, and you likely will.

Now, there’s a key difference between confidence and arrogance. You just started in this role, so you don’t want to come across like you have all the answers, and like everybody else is wrong in the ways that they work. You don’t want to step on any toes or make any enemies. Recognize that people who have been at the organization longer than you, simply know more than you. And you can use that to your advantage, by asking questions and using their expertise.


Asking questions is an essential way to remain assertive and in the loop within your new role. Don’t be afraid to ask whatever it is that you feel will help you perform. Chances are, your employers will value you more for asking questions, rather than if you blindly make decisions without their insight. Obviously employers want to know that you can take initiative and do things on your own, but don’t forget that you can use questions to then take initiative and do things on your own. Asking questions simply helps you establish yourself in the workplace, demonstrates that you want to do the job well, and also simultaneously, will actually help you do the job well.


When establishing yourself in new environments, don’t just ask questions. Seek answers. Do your research on the organization’s goals, their mission, their people, and what it is that they offer and why! That way you can frame everything you do within the organization’s frame…instantly breeding success for both parties. You can use your research to then ask questions like “Hey, I saw that you do this thing. What about we do this?” Then you can begin to work on new projects that might be mutually beneficial to you, and the organization itself in achieving their goals. That’s a really good place to be in your first week in a new environment.


Going off of that last point, don’t just ask what you can do next, demonstrate creativity and innovation by stepping up to the plate and designing new initiatives that would serve your new environment and their mission. Share your experiences and your wealth of knowledge with your co-workers and ask how the organization might be able to utilize that to the advantage of everyone. Again, that gives you something right away that is your doing, because you stepped up to the plate. That gives you something that you can instantly be passionate about creating, rather than just what the organization wants of you (which is also good to stick to in certain situations).

Sometimes people are afraid to change, but for the most part, creativity and innovation are valued in the workplace. If those things are pushed to the side by your employers/leaders, you might want to think about whether you truly want to be part of that new environment.


In helping you establish yourself right away with your new environment, it’s important to be social with those around you. You want your co-workers to not just know you, but to really KNOW you – what makes you tick, what your passions are, what your life outside of work is like…etc, etc. Share not only your experiences from previous environments that may be similar, but also your experiences from life in general. And not only that, but get to know those around you in the same vein. Understand what makes them tick, what their passions and interests are. Start to ask them questions about what their life is like outside of work. They will instantly start to feel more connected to you, and you will instantly begin to establish that sense of belonging with the group and not just be the “new person.” Wanna know an awesome question? – “What’s your favourite thing about working for ___”. That’ll get the ball rolling every time.

And if you’ve gotten this far, you’ve earned yourself the cream of the crop tip of the day. Befriend the most social, the friendliest, the most extraverted person there. Extraverted people want to help you. They want you to feel like they belong. So if you befriend them, you will instantly have someone to ask questions to, to bounce ideas off of, and know how you can achieve success within your role. You should also be friendly with the leaders in charge, and just everyone at your workplace in general. But if you’re not sure how and with whom to start with, befriending that top social dog is always a good start.

So when establishing yourself in new environments, remember to believe in yourself, ask questions, do your research, demonstrate creativity and innovation, and be social! If you have any tips of your own to add to the discussion, feel free to comment or join me on social media using the links below. Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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